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Worldbank East Asia and Pacific GDP Growth Projections

Growth of the Thai economy in the first and second quarters was significantly higher than in 2014, but remained far below the average regional rates, as weak exports and subdued investment in Thailand continued to dampen the economy.

Thailand economic forecast

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Born in Europe, raised in Australia, I have been living in Thailand for over 20 years and witnessed the many changes the country has undergone since the Asian Financial Crisis. I have spent time in Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai, but when all is said and done I gravitate back to Bangkok. It is here that I spent years teaching at universities and running a software development company. These days I live on the Internet with Bangkok as my base. I never stopped believing in the enormous potential of the kingdom of Thailand, which is why I joined the ThaiVest Team.

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