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Visa Application Form
Permanent Residency Requirements
Request of change New Passport
Information on Conveyance
Transfer Stamp to New Passport
Application for Visa
Application for change in Visa
Form for Alien to notify of staying longer than 90 Days
Form for Aliens to notify their change of address or their stay in the Province for over 24 hours
Notification Form for House-Master, Owner, or the Possessor of the Residence where Alien has stayed
Application for Extension of Temporary Stay during Resident Consideration
Application for Non-Quota Immigrant Visa
Application for Substitute of Certificate of Residence
Transfer Stamp to New Passport
Personal Information
Application Form for Residence Certificate in Thailand
Lost or Stolen Passport Form
Application for Endorsement of Re-Entry Permit
Application for Permanent Residence in the Kingdom
Application for Re-Entry Permit into the Kingdom
Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom
Passenger List