Thai Visas has been a broadly discussed topic for Tourists and Expats alike.

A visa is required for any visit to Thailand for over 30 days, or for any visit for which you do not hold a valid ticket for onward travel out of the Kingdom.

No Visa is required if you have a passport from one of these 40 countries (Country Chart), that is valid for at least 6 months and an onward ticket out of Thailand. You will be stamped in for 30 days and the entry stamp is not a visa.

It can be extended for 14 days (before the expiry date) at an Immigration Office. This “onward ticket” is very important as some airlines will not let you board a flight with a one way ticket.

Usually, Visas are granted at Royal Thai Embassies, but from our own experience, their system has been far from perfect. Therefore, we strongly recommend getting your Visa from a Thai Consulate.

It is also very important that you call the Thai Consulate and ask them to reconfirm what documents are needed. Every Thai Consulate around the world has different rules and regulations, which are constantly changing, and it is vital that you check on this before going there.

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