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Higher margin required for futures trading

Thailand Futures Exchange is raising the margin for SET50, gold and interest futures to cope with increasing volatility and the new margin requirement will take effect on October 7.

Kesara Manchusri, managing director, said that under the new margin rule, deposits for SET50 futures will rise from Bt53,200 to Bt66,500 per contract, Bt50 gold futures trading would be Bt104,500 from Bt92,150. Deposits for Bt10 gold futures are also raised to Bt20,900 from Bt18,430 per contract. Deposits for interest futures, linked with 6-year government bonds, are raised to Bt29,450 from Bt21,850 per contract.

To start trading on Oct 17, oil futures also require initial margin of Bt26,600 per contract. The maintenance margin is set at Bt18,620 per centract, or 8 per cent of the value of the Bt330,000 contract.

Source: Bangkok Post

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