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Central Restructures Board

Central Group of Companies, a leading retailer and hotelier, has restructured its organisation by putting a younger generation in charge of business management, says chairman Wanchai Chirathivat. The move was made in anticipation of future expansion of its retail, hotel and food services businesses, he said. Mr Wanchai said the restructuring would also improve efficiency. Under the new structure, it has set up two new boards, a supervisory board (SB) and CEO management board (CMB). The SB is responsible for ensuring that the CMB carries out its management functions effectively, in compliance with the intention of the Central Group’s board. Suthichai Chirathivat is the SB chairman, Suthikiati Chirathivat is the vice-chairman, and Suthichart Chirathivat and Sudhisak Chirathivat are directors.

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